The Eyes Have It with Beautiful Lashes by Bellezza Avanti

March 31 2021
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Even before face masks were a thing, the eyes were a huge focus for a great makeup style. That’s because your eyes really are windows into the soul, so drawing attention to them with bold, alluring styles helps accentuate your natural beauty. And now that face masks are worn everywhere, there’s even more attention on the eyes, so you want your lashes to look their best.

Mascara is one of the most important tools in the makeup arsenal to make your eyes look bold and dramatic. But mascara can be a hassle because it can clump and smear, especially when you swim or exercise, and it usually needs to be reapplied throughout the day. But back when it was the only option to get the look that we wanted, we had no choice but to work with mascara every day. But today we have amazing options for great-looking lashes – lash tinting, extensions, and lifts.

Lash tinting. Tinting is a semi-permanent alternative to mascara. Lash tinting is just like it sounds – tinting the lashes to a darker color so they’re more visible. And it’s not just about color. Normally, your lashes can look thinner and shorter even if they’re not, because some portions of the lashes may not be visible due to their lighter color. When you tint a lash, it’s visible from the top to bottom and all the way around, so tinted lashes can appear longer, fuller, and darker.

Tinting uses a very safe type of dye that stays on for the life of the lashes. Your lashes grow and shed naturally, so you’ll need another tinting appointment as the new lashes grow in and the look starts to fade, which is usually at around 6 weeks. Tinting appointments are very quick, with the entire process done in about a half-hour. The tint is waterproof, so you can relax and enjoy all your normal activities without worrying about your lashes!

Lash lifts. If you use a lash curler every day, you know what a difference it can make on your eye makeup look. Lashes that are curled up make eyes appear more alert and awake, which helps accentuate your look. Lash lifts are like having a perm on your lashes, curling them upward so you don’t need the lash curler every morning. As with lash tinting, you’ll start to see the effect fade in several weeks as lashes shed and new lashes come in, so you’ll need another lash lift at that time to keep up the look.

Lash extensions. Extensions have been growing in popularity because they give you the most dramatic lash look possible. Extensions attach to each individual lash, so they look like your natural lashes only more intense. Generally, you’ll want lash extensions if you want a more dramatic look than you can get with lash tinting. At Bellezza Avanti Salon/Spa, our expert makeup artists use professional-grade Minky® eyelash extensions for the highest quality results. Extensions are customizable, so you can get the exact look you want, from natural to glamour lashes to the gorgeous butterfly look. Your expert Bellezza Avanti makeup artist will help you choose the style that’s right for the effect you want.

Your initial lash appointment will take 2 hours or more because each extension is applied to a single lash, so this takes time to accomplish, but lash fills to touch up new lashes take much less time. As with lash tinting and lifts, as your natural lashes shed the effect will diminish. However, with lash extensions, you can keep coming in for fills at regular intervals, which adds new extensions to new lashes that grow in, so you can keep the look going as long as you’d like!

Ready to get gorgeous lashes that really make your eyes stand out? Make an appointment at Bellezza Avanti Spa/Salon today and our expert makeup artists will help you decide whether tinting or extensions are the best choices for the look you want. Visit our salon at 1114 Williams Reserve Blvd., Suite A in Wadsworth, OH, make a reservation online, or call 330-336-8411 to schedule your lash appointment. Prefer to schedule your appointment on your mobile device? Download our free mobile app today. You’ll find it on iTunes and Google Play.